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Canned Shad Roe "Caviar" 7.5 OZ Can

Shad Roe Label

The Shad Roe is Out of Stock till next year. Sorry

A gourmet treat from the rivers of Oregon. Harvested at the highest standards in the industry. Shad Roe is a rare treat making an elegant hors d'oeuvre. Serve cold with crackers, lemon and a grated egg.

Shad Roe is prized for it's delicate and rich flavor, particularly on the East Coast of the USA, where seasonal runs have thrilled fishermen for generations inspiring the likes of Henery David Thoreau and George Washington (himself a commercial Shad fisherman). Any Shad Roe aficionado will appreciate the history and passion for this fish in John McPhee's The Founding Fish. Give it a read while enjoying your Sportsmens Cannery Shad Roe.

Shad were introduced to the West Coast some decades ago and have been running the local rivers in varying numbers and, depending on conditions, we've been able to garner a portion of the catch for roe harvesting and canning. This year we offer Shad Roe caught from the Columbia River by Native fishermen and have high hopes for a much larger catch next year.

Hand packed fresh in Winchester Bay Oregon.

*** Volume Discount 5% for 24 - 10% for 48+ ***
Price: $29.95

shad roe alert

Pls let me know when you have Shad Roe! Thanks.

shad roe -- Please put me on the notification list

June 21, 2011 PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE notify me when you get shad roe. I've been searching for it for several years and am desperate for this wonderful delicacy!! I used to order it by the case! I just registered as a customer and would like to know if there is somewhere on your website I need to sign up to be notified? Please let me know. Many thanks, Mary Mann Austin, Texas P.S. Am giving the Pollock roe a try on your recommendation. Hope it's good with lemon, butter and crisp bacon!

Shad roe

Please notify me when shad roe becomes available.

Shad Roe

Julia Frederick I understood it was harvested in late Spring so is it out until Spring of 2011 or 2010?


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