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Canned Pollock Roe "Caviar" 7.5 OZ Can

pollock roe label

New at the Cannery
A gourmet treat from the Pacific Ocean. Harvested at the highest standards in the industry. Pollock Roe is a rare treat making an elegant hors d'oeuvre. Serve cold with crackers, lemon and a grated egg.

Pollock Roe is also well regarded in Japanese cooking where the roe is marinated (karashi-mentaiko pollock roe) or salted (tarako pollock roe) and served with rice or noodles. In Korea Myeongran Jeot Pollock roe is fermented with chili and eaten with Kim Chi or in spicy stews.

Although not as well known in the USA, Alaskan Pollock roe is a good alternative for the classic canned Shad Roe, which has been increasingly hard to find. This Mentaiko (Pollock Roe) Pasta dish looks amazing.

Hand packed fresh from the ocean in Winchester Bay Oregon.
*** Volume Discount 5% for 24 - 10% for 48+ ***

Price: $12.95


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