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Disaster Preparedness : Canned Fish & Long Term Storage

You never know whats going to happen and its a good idea to have a safe, clean and healthy food store available in case of hurricane, flood, social disorder, terrorism, epidemic, tsunami, end of days, or other natural disaster.

Its not a bad idea to stock freeze dried food and Meals Ready to Eat (MREs) or other survivalist cuisine but the great thing about our canned fish is that you don't have to reconstitute it with your limited clean water supply and its ready to eat with no cooking required. Furthermore, canned Tuna, Salmon, and Sturgeon are packed full of protein and omega-3 fatty acids and taste a heck of a lot better than your average C-Rations!

Our canned albacore tuna, dungeness crab, sturgeon, oysters and salmon are good to eat for seven years minimum as long as the cans are in good shape (not rusted or bulging). If you store them in a dry place without a lot of temperature variation they'll last even longer. The key is not to let them change temperature too much, so keep them in a closet or somewhere dark and away from any water as they can rust over time. If you leave any canned product out in the sun or in standing water for too long (weeks & months) you are asking for trouble, but otherwise they'll last a LONG time.

So if you are thinking about stocking away some insurance food in case of hard times our canned albacore and salmon are an excellent choice, not only because they'll last a long time but because they're also so good to eat.

If a disaster strikes your neighbors might be gagging down freeze dried turkey tetrazzini while you are enjoying alder smoked Chinook salmon or whole canned Albacore Tuna fillets.

Please check the No Label Specials for boxed no label discounts or take advantage of our 5% discounts for 24 can cases and 10% discounts for 48+ cans in the Discount Can section. If you have a big family you might want to try Large Cans which are a great value if you need to feed a lot of people all at once.

Lets hope you never need a disaster food supply, but if you ever do you'll be glad you have a few cases of the finest canned fish from The Sportsmen's Cannery & Smokehouse.


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